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Business with compassion – Maheejaa Bags

Business with compassion… is a new idea floating around to make the companies act more sensibly to the environment, people and society they count for. They improve their filtration process to emit cleaner air, water, waste, byproducts and do activities to improve the life of the people they engage with. All of these activities cost …


Maheejaa for a Social Cause

Leather artisan Aslam has been working in this sector for ages, ever since he was a teenager. He is skilled in making wallets and bags, but he proudly claims that what he has learned through Maheejaa has taken him to a different level of craftsmanship. Never did he get a scope of working hand in …

Lifestyle Product

Maheejaa – The Beginning

Traditional art is fast disappearing, but it doesn’t have to be that way…the fashion industry is making more money than ever and by combining traditional Bengal craft Kantha with modern products and designs we made an attempt to give the best of all worlds to our customers. But it was not easy to start, with …



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