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Fundraiser : Donate for a Cause


We haven’t left any of our artisans or designers unpaid in these tough times. We are determined to carry on with new strategies and have fastened our seat belt to move faster than ever before ! All we need is a little help from you. As you have stuck by our side even though we are a startup out of so many startups in India, we pray, you stand by our side in these tough times to share our vision. We promise to never let you down and will soon be available in your area with a bigger and version of us ♥

Our Major Monthly expenses sums up to  : ₹1,00,000 (excluding many other operational costs.)

  1. Artisans Salary x2 : ₹20,000
  2. Rent : ₹10,000
  3. Designers x2 : ₹25,000

Lockdown Period : 78 Days

Total Contribution Required : ₹2,50,000



Terms & Conditions – Click Here. 


Introducing Pop Shop !

Welcome to our Latest Pop Shop !

  • All  products here are exclusive to our website. Not available anywhere else.
  • Steal Deals for Fast Moving Products.
  • Leather, Cotton, or Jute bags pop-up here every other day.
  • Low Availability. Offers valid till stock lasts.
  • All are bags are 100% Eco-friendly.
  • All bags absolutely made in Maheejaa’s manufacturing Unit.
  • May or may not contain Kantha Embroidery.
  • For exclusive Kantha Leather Bags Click Here
  • No rexin, No faux, No PU. We hate these plastics !
  • Free Delivery on everything, all over the website.
  • Delivery in 3 Days at your doorstep.
  • Returns accepted only on valid damage reason.
  • Happy Shopping !


Lifestyle Product

Maheejaa in sync with the Handicraft Industry

Having a background of rich heritage, culture and history, India’s handicraft industry plays a major part in the economic growth of the country in its internal market as well as to the export basket earning a good amount of foreign currency and signifying a huge potential of expansion. With a growth rate of more than 15% over the last five years and contributing a share of  a whooping 10% per cent to the total export value of India the handicraft industry targets for a twenty five thousand crores market in recent future.Indian handicrafts, carrying a notable importance for its quality and craftsmanship to the connoisseurs of art,  are exported across geographies, with the top 10 destinations being the US, UK, UAE, Germany, France, Latin American countries, Italy, Netherlands, Canada and Australia.



Spread all over the country mainly in rural and sub-urban areas this labour intensive industry has become a major source of income for the rural and backward class communities creating employment for over seven million artisans. Being mostly unorganised and categorized under the small scale industry the production units are often family or small community based, labour intensive, requires very little use of machinery or capital input and operates mainly in regional basis.




 The major strength of the Indian handicraft industry is that it has a large, diversified and potential market with a wide variety and range of products in and outside of India.

 Being a very low capital intensive industry the initiation and operation is easy and flexible.

 The use of cheap labour in terms of semi-skilled and unskilled work force helps to keep the production cost very low.

 Although the production and distribution process is not very organised, the retailing system is better.

 As the products are high value added output in terms of ready to use finished goods and with an aesthetic beauty the chance of earning higher revenue is greater.



The major weaknesses of this industry is that being centralized in rural and semi urban areas the production units and the workers lack the proper infrastructure, communication with the world and facilities. And which results in a serious shortfall of knowledge in new technology and developments, market requirements and trends and proper promotion and advertisement. 

Shortage of skilled worker and less interest of the younger generation is also a concerning factor.



The whole world considers the Indian handicraft industry as one of the best producer of artefacts and that’s why the demand for Indian handicraft products are constantly increasing in the international market.

The fashion industry is a big consumer of handicrafts and the changing trends and innovative styles keep the demand for handicraft product rising.

 The interest of common people for using and caring for handicraft industry in their day to day life is increasing.

 The increasing occurrence of social events and festivals and greater use of handcrafted items in those functions are creating new demands in this industry.

Maheejaa’s Role:


  1. To create, develop and pursue a platform for the backward class and less privileged artisans and craftsmen.
  2. To impact and improve the standard of living of the craftsmen by trading with them directly without the help of any middleman.
  3. Encourage the rural communities and groups to learn, practice and develop a traditional form of art by creating a steady demand for their work and also facilitating them with new styles, technologies and development.
  4. Channelize the flow of capital to the handicraft industry by using government aids and loans.
  5. Showcasing a traditional handicraft in an innovative, different and useful way to the world to attract the potential buyers and customers by participating in international fairs, seminars and workshops.
Lifestyle Product

Kantha in fusion with Leather – Maheejaa

The word “Kantha” originates from the Sanskrit language which means rags or old worn out garments generally out of their proper use. Ancient Indian culture, dating as old as pre Vedic –era, didn’t dispose-off the fabrics misfit for their proper usages but recycled them using their artistry, imagination and with the help of needle and thread. It is one of the oldest forms of embroidery in South-East Asia originating and flourishing mainly in Bengal, Odisha and Bangladesh. Over time the depiction and use of stories, motifs, symbols and styles in Kantha work slowly distinguished the art as a portrayal of a culture; a culture born and nourished with the very basic tunes of earth, water and soil. The beauty of this form of embroidery is its grandeur in simplicity. With almost zero investment and using some basic techniques of stitching the women of the eastern part of Indian subcontinent has been creating an artwork over generations carrying a legacy of tradition. Kantha is not just a form of embroidery only; it is actually a piece of history, a story of a time and philosophy artistically expressed in fabric and thread by the very common people of land. Maheejaa, from its very inception and course of business always portrayed and showcased the contribution of these undistinguished creators of history to the world in an unique and innovative way because they care as much as for the tradition as they do for their business…    

Have a look at Maheejaa’s never before collection of premium leather goods in fusion with kantha. View the collection .


Time fades all but not Leather

“Time fades everything”….. but not leather. Your miseries and happiness will fade away with years passing by but your leather goods will not. It will survive through decades and even centuries. The oldest leather product found in the world history is a pair of shoes from a cave in Armenia which dates back 3500 BC. Yes you read it right, it is a 5500 years old footwear and still in good condition. An original leather product has this unique feature that it lives over generations with little or almost no maintenance. So if you are concerned about durability and longevity choose only original leather products be it a bag or shoe or jacket or just a leather belt. Many a things in our life carry memories but can’t retain it because of its vulnerability over time, but leather can. Original leather products are not just a fad like a bubble, it’s a signature, a signature which is difficult to erase even by the time itself. The leather market in today’s world is not completely leathery or better to say not the most part of it. Artificial leather, which is basically a machine made synthetic material with leathery finish, is taking up the regime day by day. They are factory made, glossy, do not undergo any time taken tedious processing and cost less than the original leather. But their durability and strength is limited and they start to falloff within years losing their initial shine and glaze. On the other hand original leather products start to shine and gleam the more time and uses it pass. Original leather is costlier as it passes many steps to get processed properly and not made just by pressing some buttons and switches, but it pays off over time. Any type of artificial leather, when you buy it, is at its peak and starts aging thereafter showing the signs of deterioration but original leather starts at their nascence and matures over time slowly. So if you want a pocket friendly quick showing staff, then synthetic leather might be a better choice for you, but if you are the kind who loves to see their investment paying off an incremental dividend over time them choose only original leather products.


The Laptop Bag – Perfect company for your meetings !

Work has been so easy with a laptop.  Carry it to your place of work or to any place of your choice and start working. Maheejaa adds a flavour to this by allowing you to carry your laptop in style. The beautifully handcrafted Maheejaa laptop bag with a patch of kantha work  will make you stand out in the crowd. The bag is light weight and handy – carry it either as a handbag or with a sling.


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Lifestyle Product

Maheejaa – The Beginning

Traditional art is fast disappearing, but it doesn’t have to be that way…the fashion industry is making more money than ever and by combining traditional Bengal craft Kantha with modern products and designs we made an attempt to give the best of all worlds to our customers.
But it was not easy to start, with both of us not having any business background. However we were open to learn and unlearn at each step. Getting artisans (specially the leather artisans) who would do our kind of work was difficult. But we managed to get around 10 artisans work under us – 5 leather artisans and 5 kantha artisans. Further the Kantha artisans mostly failed to keep their commitments as regard to time. This held up our production many a times. So we started with even smaller kantha patches and less intricate works. Then next step was to build a trustworthy relationship with them. We started giving them regular work though in a small scale and made outright payments on a per piece basis, thus maintaining steady cashflow to them. We also started procuring leather ourselves directly from the market and hence could bring down our production cost and thus stick to one of our major agenda of making leather bags affordable to the masses.



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