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Kantha in fusion with Leather – Maheejaa
Kantha in fusion with Leather – Maheejaa
By Debasis Mukhopadhyay Posted October 31, 2017 0 Comments

The word “Kantha” originates from the Sanskrit language which means rags or old worn out garments generally out of their proper use. Ancient Indian culture, dating as old as pre Vedic –era, didn’t dispose-off the fabrics misfit for their proper usages but recycled them using their artistry, imagination and with the help of needle and thread. It is one of the oldest forms of embroidery in South-East Asia originating and flourishing mainly in Bengal, Odisha and Bangladesh. Over time the depiction and use of stories, motifs, symbols and styles in Kantha work slowly distinguished the art as a portrayal of a culture; a culture born and nourished with the very basic tunes of earth, water and soil. The beauty of this form of embroidery is its grandeur in simplicity. With almost zero investment and using some basic techniques of stitching the women of the eastern part of Indian subcontinent has been creating an artwork over generations carrying a legacy of tradition. Kantha is not just a form of embroidery only; it is actually a piece of history, a story of a time and philosophy artistically expressed in fabric and thread by the very common people of land. Maheejaa, from its very inception and course of business always portrayed and showcased the contribution of these undistinguished creators of history to the world in an unique and innovative way because they care as much as for the tradition as they do for their business…    

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